Have you asked yourself the ? , Is Digital Marketing really worth the effort?

Digital Marketing uses a combination of tools and techniques that when managed together can drive significant results for your business:

Bearing in mind the information listed; by using Digital Marketing correctly you can reach a lot of people without too much cost or effort:


  • There are more than 3 billion internet users which is about 42.3% of the world’s population  according to figures from mid – 2014 and this is growing all the time.


  • Irish internet users spend on average 13.5 hours online per week.


  • 79% of fortune 100 companies us twitter, Facebook, Youtube and corporate blogs



  • 63% of Irish Adults are using social media, according to a survey which took place in Aug 2014. This figure is increasing all the time and it is predicated that it will be 75% by mid 2015


  • LinkedIn had 1m Irish users by the end of 2014, which shows that Irish professionals really understand the potential of LinkedIn to network


  • 32% of Irish internet users go online using a mobile device compared to 21% in Europe – so remember to make sure your Digital Marketing is mobile device friendly


I think it’s worth the effort

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