Facebook is a great tool to help you reach your business goals


In the beginning the world of business viewed Facebook as an annoyance, a application that distracted staff and for some a place to view potential employees but now the business world sees the incredible benefits of utilising Facebook for the promotion of their business and to create awareness of your brand, and for real time engagement with your selected audience.


Facebook right now has over 1 billion active users and you can promote your business and what you do to these users. Unlike traditional print, radio or tv ad’s You can select the location of the users, you can select the age and even the area’s of interest these users have, you have totally control over who you choose to introduce your business to.


As we all move to hand held screens, tablets , smartphones etc Facebook has moved to with an App for all devices that is on 3 out of 4 smartphones worldwide, with users regularly logging in to their accounts to see what you and others are promoting. So when you are ready to create introductions , facebook and its users are ready for you, any time , anywhere.


Facebook ad’s reach many more people than other forms of on line advertising, facebook tell us that most online advertising only reaches 38% of its intended audience. Facebook’s average is 89%.3 Your business gets more value from every advert.


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