Ryanair to roll out ‘paperless’ cockpits after Vodafone partnership

Ryanair cockpits will become paperless under a new partnership between the airline and Vodafone Ireland.

The mobile provider’s business division has teamed up with Ryanair to provide 95% of the airline’s telecoms and communications needs.

This will allow Ryanair to reduce in-flight staff’s reliance on paper through the introduction of an ‘electronic flight bag’, while the technology will aim to improve ground crew and check-in operations.

The deal will also cover the carrier’s point-of-sale terminals, which Vodafone says will create a faster system for in-flight purchases.

“This partnership with Vodafone will provide us with the technical support to allow us to make these improvements quickly and seamlessly, including the introduction of paperless cockpits and a swifter inflight sales system,” Ryanair’s Chief Technology Officer, John Hurley said.

Enterprise Director for Vodafone Ireland, Anne Sheehan added that the deal for Vodafone in Ireland is “most significant”.

“Ryanair is a company that is driving innovative technological solutions in the airline industry and Vodafone is delighted to partner with them to drive this evolution,” she said.

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